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Ireland needs an election now

Monday, October 25th, 2010

It’s a bank holiday Monday in Ireland. It was cold last night – minus five. The sky is blue, the frost has gone, except when shadows keep back the heat of the sun. It’s a glorious day. Our economy seems knackered. After the pride of the Celtic Tiger follows the ignomy of basket-case economy. The banks have had us. A government that has lost its moral right to govern persists in holding on, avoiding the electorate, terrified that they will be annihilated. The new government in the UK has a four-year mandate. Our discredited government has only a legal mandate, and the longer they cling to power, the more surely it will be pulled from their grasp come election day. They should call an election now and we could proceed through the next four years with a government – whatever government would be formed – with the credibility to lead us through for the next four crucial years. Shame on you Mr Cowen for not calling an election now and seeking the mandate of your boss – the people – to proceed. You will not hide from the people forever.

Chile miners

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

The rescue of those Chile miners sent a shiver up my back. Sometimes, hope prevails. And no victory was every yet won in the absence of hope. This day, hope that your work will bear good fruit. Fight the good fight. Persevere. Live this day, this moment, to the full. Believe in yourself. And in a harmony in the universe which sometimes delivers us from the very depths of the earth.