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Dear Cardinal Brady

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Dear Cardinal Brady,

Resign. Your position is untenable, unconscionable, incredible.  It is self-evident to any adult of common sense, but evidently less so to an episcopal canon lawyer.

If a person in a golf club became aware of the dangers posed to named children by a member of a golf club, do you honestly think it sufficient for any responsible adult merely to report the incident to the president of the golf club and not also tell the police and the parents of the endangered children? And then you lamely, limply, blame the president of the golf club for not curtailing the rape of children by the golf club member!

To say nothing of your involvement in a confidentiality agreement with an abused victim.

Your moral failure is remarkable, your lack of accountability extraordinary, your ‘reasoning’ as you defend the indefensible and cling to your power and position gob-smacking beyond words.  Shame on you.

And this shame will follow you to, and beyond, the grave into the annals of history; and will grow with every hour that you cling to your bankrupt episcopal authority.

Joe Armstrong