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Success and failure

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Success and failure are inescapable experiences of being human. They say that all political careers end in failure. Kipling warned us to regard both success and failure as impostors. Beckett told is to fail better the next time. In the Christian myth, the central character, Jesus, is humiliated, shamed and mocked on a cross, crucified as a common criminal, and probably naked: exposed as an abject failure. And the story goes that he cried out: ‘My god, my god, why have you abandoned me?’ Even his god-myth had imploded.
Rather than asking was someone a success or failure, or, more to the point, each human asking asking of ourselves ‘Am I a success or failure?’ it is perhaps wiser to accept that, in any authentic human experience, there will be both success and failure, often interconnected and even simultaneous.
And so as we reflect on personal experiences of failure, we may need to nudge ourselves to perceive perhaps hidden, or forgotten, strands of success. And in the dazzling glow of success, let’s not lose the run of ourselves and omit the undercurrent of failure.
We are human, first and foremost. Humans who succeed AND fail, who fail AND succeed. At a time of failure, pause a while and bring to mind ways in which you have succeeded. And in the heady rush of success, recall that it is transitory and built upon untold failures, each of which has prompted you closer to success.
But do not see yourself as ‘successful’ or ‘a failure’. Be human. Embrace success and failure. See the bigger picture. And, for now, accept the successes and failures of your life and take the next authentic step for you at this moment.

M3 cycle

Monday, May 17th, 2010

I admit it: I cried  just before the start of the M3 Cycle yesterday. What triggered it? They played ‘Human‘ by The Killers. It just got to me. There were something like 1,400 cyclists lined up ready to cycle the as yet unopened M3 motorway from Clonee to Kells. The starting point: the toll near the Dunboyne roundabout.

That song was the one which was the musical theme of my recent jump from a job I was finding unsatisfying, my leap into the unknown. And here they were, one month later, of all the songs they could have played, kicking off the cycling event with that. And I was lined up to do the 55 km (although methinks it was more like 48km).

I did it in less than an hour and three quarters, averaging 28 kph, not bad for a 48-year-old! Myself and two guys (both of whom went on to come first and second) started off well. Until I felt I should play my part in leading for a while! I should’ve accepted I was near the half-century and let them lead. Well done to both of them. Donaha who teaches in Trim and is a serious swimmer to boot. I reckoned when I saw his shirt with Triathlon on it it could be smart to try to keep up with these guys! Their average speed was 31 kph. Thanks too to Joe, teacher in Ratoath, and the other guys I cycled with along the way.

Well done to Aisling Group International (M3 Cycle), P.O. Box 26, Bradan House,  CYWS, Navan, Co. Meath, for organising the once-in-a-lifetime event: the only time we’ll ever get to cycle on the motorway and before cars get to do so! See also